Through an uncompromising commitment to Quality, Integrity, and Innovation, Epoch is committed to providing the finest in hospitality development, construction, and management services.

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Epoch was formed by four unique individuals (who are also family) brought together by a common goal and a dedication to excellence. We come from families that stand as prominent pillars in the hotel industry, and were raised inside of the hotel design, build, and operate community. With over 65 years of combined experience, each member brings a unique perspective and talent to the company.

Epoch is guided by our commitment to be recognized for excellence through the loyalty of our partners, clients, and guests.

Dharmesh Surati


Dharmesh Surati is proficient in daily administration requirements that encompass a vast array of duties such as project analysis and creating proformas for the development at hand. His other roles include budget formulation and compiling financing packages for current and future projects. He is responsible for reviewing all invoice submittals, confirming the satisfactory completion of work, obtain lien wavers from sub-contractors, and making final payments.

Vik Surati


Vikash “Vik” Surati is an experienced hotel management and development professional. He is a fully licensed General Contractor with over a decade of construction experience. During that time, he has built 14 hotels with brands like Comfort, Hilton, and Marriott. His vast experience includes Value Engineering and Estimating making sure each project is built to the required specifications and standards of our company. His physical presence at each project maintains a high level of positive sub-contractor relations.

Meet the Team

Epoch is a unique team of visionaries that have extensive knowledge in the areas of hotel development, construction, and management. Before forming Epoch, each member managed their family’s business honoring the principles of loyalty, vision, and excellence. These businesses continue to be financially successful, have lasting value, and are widely respected across the hotel industry.

Hemel Surati


Hemel Surati is an experienced hotel owner and operator. He has over a decade of experience in the various fields of hotel development such as acquisitions and rebranding. His responsibilities with the company include site selection and brand selection, suitable for the selected site and market. He is also the lead in seeking and placement of financing for the project under development. Hemel is involved at each site of construction in the daily management of each project.

Vru Surati


Vrushank Surati majored in Hotel Management and Financing from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Apart from his daily duties in handling various parts of the administration of the Epoch offices, he also assists in the site and brand selection for current and future project development. He is proficient in all aspects of hotel operations. Vrushank leads in seeking joint venture partners  who are “like minded” for certain projects through the companies many business networks.

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Epoch is a hotel design-build firm currently serving markets across the Southeast. Our management team is experienced in design, construction management, and hotel operations.


Hemel Surati

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